Friday, February 19, 2010

Information On How To Grow/Look Taller

In the animal kingdom the dominant males are the ones with the rights to mate with the females in their territory. This same principle applies to the human kingdom though with slight variations. Examples of this principle as applied to the human kingdom include:

  • Girls will always say they want their man tall, handsome and with ripped abs.
  • If you are tall and ripped you are seen as being powerful.
  • The rich guys get almost all the beautiful girls etc.

We are not going to look at how we can posses all of the above qualities here, but rather we will be looking at how we can grow/look taller with methods that have been proven to be successful over the years.

Several methods exist that can help you grow or at least look taller. These methods include:

Exercising: Several exercises exist that help stretch your muscles and spine, thereby lengthening them. This slight increase caused by these exercises could be noticeable by people around you.

Eating proper diet: Diets rich in proteins, calcium and essential amino acids are known to have a positive effect on the growth of humans. However the effects these diets have on our growth diminishes with our age, so the earlier we start incorporating these nutrients into our diet the better the chances we have of growing taller.

Getting enough sleep/rest: Sleep and rest help relax the muscles and spinal column helping them expand in the process.

Maintaining good posture: Your posture has an effect on how you grow, because if your posture is the type that stresses your bones and muscles then growing becomes difficult. Proper posture can also make you look taller.

Dressing to look taller: This is a sure way of increasing you height temporarily. Wearing dark coloured dresses and/or high heeled shoes will help you in this regard.

Do you know that a person can gain a natural height of about two inches (which is for about five centimetres? To discover how you can gain height fast check out my review of Grow Taller For Idiots Program

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  1. This seems to good to be true, but then again i do want to grow taller so il give it a try!


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