Sunday, January 17, 2010

Growing Taller Tips: Will Sleeping Make You Grow Tall

Do you desire to grow tall or at least look taller? Have you ever registered for a height increasing program only to be disappointed after spending several weeks on the program with no positive results? If you have been frustrated trying to increase your height then I want to give you some useful growing taller tips.

In case you have registered with or undergone a growing taller/height increasing program in the past you may have noticed that most height increasing programs include sleeping as a requirement to grow tall.

Growing taller programs are like weight loss or fitness programs. But for a growing taller/height increase program, the sole aim is to stimulate the hormones required for growth and bone lengthening.

Stimulating the hormones required for growth is mostly done through some special exercises followed by plenty of sleep (usually 9 – 10 hours per day). This therefore means that sleeping is one of the tips you require for growing tall.

Now mentioning sleep as a growing taller tip is not just enough because some people can be sleeping while they are in a bus. So the question is what kind of sleep is required to grow tall? The sleeping pattern required for growing taller is to lie flat on your back allowing your spine (vertebral column) to be stretched and straightened. The reason why we should sleep like this, is because, it will help relieve the pressure that has been built up as a result of standing or sitting and allows the cartilages between the vertebral column to be stretched and function correctly.

Let me explain what I meant by the above statement a bit. Try holding an A4 paper vertically from the bottom of the paper. Do you see that the paper just won’t stay erect? For human beings this same effect is felt by our bones when we are standing but our muscles try to keep our body erect. That is why someone who is hungry or has lost energy in one way or another can hardly stand erect because his/her muscles are weak. When we sleep as I mentioned above our bones become relaxed thus increasing our chances of growing taller.

Sleeping is not only important for gaining height, it is also important for allowing our body recuperate the energy it expended during the days activities.

The above is just a small fraction of the growing taller tips I have for you there are so many more available on this site. If you require TO GAIN HEIGHT FAST then feel free to check out Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review.

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